US Polestar Pilates and Dance Trainees teach at our studio from June 26 – June 28

Mallory Galarza

Mallory is a recent graduate of Rutgers University receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. She is also a Polestar Pilates Teacher in training and a certified yoga instructor.

Her interest lies in helping clients find their maximum movement potential through the use of breath. She is looking forward to helping clients become aware of the power of breath in exercise, as well as in every-day life.

Mallory’s Schedule:

Pilates – Modern Dance Fusion Mat

  • Tuesday June 27: 19.15 hrs (instead of Ballet)
  • Wednesday June 28: 12.45 hrs (extra class)

Pilates – Yoga Fusion Reformer

  • Monday June 26: 12.00 hrs (extra class)
  • Monday June 26: 19.30 hrs (instead of Ref Class)
  • Tuesday June 27: 9.15 hrs (instead of Ref Class)
  • Wednesday June 28: 8.00 hrs (extra class)

Pilates – Yoga Fusion

  • Tuesday June 27: 20.30 hrs (instead of Mat Class)

Javier Padilla

Javier is a movement based artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico, who recently graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, USA, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. He is also a Polestar Pilates Teacher in Training.

In his teaching, Javi wants to translate an energy of flow and suppleness to the movement and let that guide the client into an enjoyable yet challenging experience. He is interested in helping clients develop soft spines, strong cores and fluid yet strong limbs.

Javier’s Schedule:

Pilates – Laban Movement Analysis Fusion Mat

  • Monday June 26: 18.00 hrs (instead of Mat Class)
  • Tuesday June 27: 12.45 hrs (instead of Mat Class)

Pilates – Postmodern Dance – Polestar Principles Fusion

  • Tuesday June 27: 18.00 hrs (instead of Modern Dance

Mindful Meditation – Mat Movement Experience

  • Monday June 26: 10.30 hrs (instead of Gyrokinesis)

Mindful Meditation – Reformer & Movement Experience

  • Tuesday June 27: 19.30 hrs (instead of Reformer Class)
  • Wednesday June 28: 20.00 hrs (extra class)

Personal training for 55 minutes by Mallory or Javier will be € 40.

Book the privates by sending a mail to