More than Core

From September 5th we organize twice a week during lunch hour on Tuesdays and Fridays More than Core class.

Transformation takes place by stepping out of your comfort zone. More than Core takes the regular Pilates workout into the unknown.

Let’s step off the mat and re-invent our locomotion (walking, squatting, crawling, rolling). With this element of training we improve the power of your arms and legs and their joint quality.

Let’s leave calculated and predictable movements and use the body to solve riddles and deal with unpredictable circumstances. Shake your lazy brain and respond and deliver smart movements. (hand-eye-speed coordination, slow-mo fights, partner work, ipsi- and contra lateral coordination exercises).

Let’s get that heart rate up, and burn some calories. Maintain precision of movement, but increase speed and increase repetition. Sticking to one single movement for a couple of minutes will result in a completely different depth of experience.

More than Core is not about being elegant or sexy, it is not about form or method. It is about being smart, strong, creative and efficient. It is about having fun while putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, it is about being fierce and fearless, when the mind tells you you will fail. “And this is where the gold resides.” (Ido Portal)

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Looking forward to seeing you at Studio Anna Mora!