New classes

Pilates Polestar Pro

In this advanced level 2/3 class we explore the traditional Pilates exercises on a higher and less traditional level, challenging you with an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach.


Fridays 12:30 – 13:30 with Annemieke Jonas

The class is ideal for those who are serious about getting their Pilates practice on a higher level, either as a teacher (finding inspiration) or as a student looking for improvement of your overall fitness.

The preparative movements quickly progress into more advanced, making this class unsuited for those with injuries, limitations in spinal mobility and lack of control.


Pilates Power & Play

Practicing Pilates for a while and are looking for a new challenge? Here is your chance!

In this class we will build towards more strength and stability, with a creative twist.

 Exercises are done with more repetitions, longer holds, and the addition of different props or equipment such as the Springboards, Bosu balls, and foam rollers.

When: Thursdays 19:30 – 20: 30 with Julie Kaye

We assure you’ll feel the burn and challenge your entire body!



Pilates Posture

We all know good posture when we see it, and we all want to have it. It’s sexy and confident and key to keeping the body youthful!

Particularly in this modern world, we spend a great deal of time sitting looking at screens, carrying heavy bags, and rushing around for our jobs, kids, hobbies and other obligations. Sometimes even our exercise routines are not helping us to have a real sense of our longest strongest selves.

With Pilates Posture the aim is to create space in your body, a looser neck and shoulders, freedom of the limbs, and a general sense of being taller and lighter on your feet.

When: Thursdays 10:15 – 11: 15 with Andrea Bergh

This class will focus on finding gentle alignment and strength to allow you to stand tall, and learn how to apply it to daily activities. By finding good head placement, upper back mobility, core strength and an efficiently functioning pelvic girdle, we can stand taller and move with greater freedom. This will help with pain relief throughout the body, remove organ compression, and improve circulation as well as promote good breathing and movement efficiency.


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