Saturday September 14 from 13:30 till 15:00 hrs


Bellies are happier when food is healthy and delicious!
You are happier when cooking is effortless.


This workshop’s goals are to:

* Simplify your shopping and cooking habits.

* Boost your health and vitality with proper nutrition.

* Save you much precious time in the store and kitchen.


You will learn to;

* Shop smartly for better health.

* Create healthy and delicious meals, effortlessly.

* Know the benefits of antioxidants.

* Recognise the symptoms of inflammation and

   acidification caused by poor nutrition.

* To reverse acidification naturally.

* Identify your unique nutritional needs.

* Modify your menu to optimise your health and stabilise

   your weight while keeping it tasty and fun.


Lara is looking forward to seeing you enjoying a wholesome and fun eating experience.


Lara Knuwer is a certified (Civas) Organic Food Advisor. She studied as well Phytology and has a Master in Psychology.

Price € 35

Unlimited members € 31,50

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