The magic of the OOV

Sunday September 29 from 15:30 – 17:30 with Turid Dramé

Discover core stability and strength like never before!

Learn to use the specific OOv’s principles during mat & reformer classes as well, for faster and exceptional results.

Following our exclusive introduction of the Pilates mOOVe class, this workshop is made for everyone who wants to get acquainted with or go a little deeper with the OOV. A new, specialised Pilates tool, developed by Australian Ostheopaat Daniel Vladeta.

The “Oov” will help you gain core control, find your deep core muscles, create better balance and increase strength and endurance.

The Oov is made for everybody who wants a better understanding and control of their body!



Non-members €40

Members €35

Unlimited Members €30

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