Andrea Bergh

Andrea loves how she feels after doing Pilates: ”my posture is improved, I’m more solid on my feet, and move more fluidly. It’s amazing that sometimes the smallest of movements can give the most dramatic results. Everyone should do Pilates!”.

Andrea is a classically trained ballet dancer and graduate of the Polestar Pilates Mat Course. Through this combination she has an extensive knowledge of the body and a keen eye for alignment and correct movement. She chose Polestar Pilates for its renowned approach to the method that is based in movement science and focuses on a gentler and more intuitive approach by combining imagery and anatomy.

She loves seeing people find muscles they didn’t know they have, getting relief from chronic pain, furthering their own physical capabilities, and gaining better movement habits for everyday life. Through focusing on the core principles of pilates, she aims for her classes to leave you feeling stronger, longer, lighter on your feet, and with a renewed sense of accomplishment.