Gijs Mortier

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From a young age, Gijs was interested in handstands and eventually his athletics teachers told him to try breakdance. Once he started, he wanted to train more and more and even joined older groups.

He is thankful towards his teachers for all he has learned. Now that he is teaching breakdance himself, his focus is towards learning to enjoy yourself whilst dancing and maintaining control over your body movements. To have all the freedom to dance as you wish to!


I started with breakdance lessons at Studio Annamora when I was 7 years old. One of the reasons I still enjoy the lessons is because every time there is a new challenge to overcome. Hand stands, freezes, power moves, and battles are part of the weekly repertoire.

Twice a year we do have a presentation where we demonstrate to parents what we have learned, and once a year I go to Break dance festivals like in Melkweg Amsterdam, where many kids from all around the country come and show their skills.

I am always surprised to see that I have learned so much while only training once a week. I hope to be able to grow until I can master some of my favorite moves ;) Alan, 11 years old