Turid Drame

As a teacher of West African dance, Pilates and Essentrics, Turid always trains herself while teaching others for the enjoyment of moving.

African Dance is the ultimate with its cultural background (movements are also a language) and live music. Pilates is the pleasure of landing in your body and creating awareness.

Essentrics is the joy of dynamic movement, body awareness and balancing your body well. Receiving the energy and joy from her students is Turid’s motivation and reward. When someone calls her after a class to say that she can look over her shoulder again when driving her car, it brings her a lot of joy!

I am an experienced dance teacher, so I recognize a good trainer. That’s why I keep coming to Turid’s classes.

At the moment I do a lot of heavy garden work. So I need Turid’s lessons to have a good, healthy and strong posture. Her classes mean a lot to me; to my body and my spirit. Her manner of teaching is personal, keeping an eye on everybody and supporting where necessary.

With a big smile and positive vibes, we leave the room, full of energy for the day in a good and well balanced body.

Thank you Turid for the excellent classes and your beautiful energy and enthousiasm. Gaia