Circuit Training

A new workout designed specifically for Studio AnnaMora by our master trainer, Annemieke Jonas!

With an in depth knowledge of the body and passion for finding new movements, she helps you to achieve maximum performance at a safe load for your unique body capabilities.

As you move from station to station in Annemieke’s custom circuit, experience exercises which provide a balance between power, stamina and flexibility. Within each timed interval, you decide your own pace. Challenge your limits and move towards your personal goals while increasing strength and confidence.

A variety of equipment, such as TRX, weights and resistance bands, will accompany your workout.

The goal :

  • Increase strength, endurance and confidence
  • Find your limits and challenge them within a supported environment
  • Feel your progress
  • Have fun!

For whom:

You must be free of injuries to participate in this class.

We kindly ask you to reserve your spot in advance.