We are very excited to introduce you to a class that fits our credo so well: the joy of movement. Henry Labrada (movement artist & music maker) has developed a new movement language that explores the relationship between Contemporary, Spanish and Afro-Caribbean dance styles of Cuba and Eastern physical and spiritual approaches (such as Qigong, Moving breath and Yoga). 

NO DANCE EXPERIENCE is needed. is an opportunity to share the joy of movement with a sense of togetherness and also an invitation to move your body in a sensorial and free way, focussing on the articulation of the spine. By doing so, you deepen the consciousness and the sensitivity to experience the kinaesthetic sensations within your body as you move in curved lines; like waves, connecting you to your emotional self and the pleasure of living. The method is developed from an imaginary dome to merge diverse vocabularies and to facilitate motion through sensoriality and visualisation.

Henry is known for his contagious positive energy and his comforting and inviting way to bring bodies explore new movements.

“As a non dancer with a limited range of movement I had some doubts before trying Henry’s class – but afterwards I felt reenergised and happy I added this new, more intuitive layer to my movement experience at the studio.” -Mascha Ihwe-

It’s our pleasure to be able to invite you to experience this new movement class with Henry on:

Thursday’s from 19:15 – 20:15