Energy Work

Knowledge is useless unless it is used, A. Einstein

As more of us are looking for a “spiritual” aspect in our lives, many have gotten “lost in translation”.

We are giving power to slogans, ritual, diets and an external quest for healings, while it is meant to be a pure state of mind and heart, translated into our physical aspect in an ordered and organic way.


I am here to :

  • Share with you the scientific method of mysticism; in other words; unfluffed spirituality! 
  • Help you make it as clear and simple as operating your phone or riding a bike!

 You will:

  • Learn to integrate the principles into your daily life and enjoy the benefits in each aspect of it.
  • Become a conscious and deliberate revealer of opulence in mind, heart, body and affairs ( including your wallet).

Good to know:

  • The course can be taken as an actual study, but if you are there to dip your toes in the water, you are welcome too.
  • Like every skill, practice, enthusiasm and joy are essential for success.
  • I am not here to convince you of A truth but to share my knowledge and personal experience with it.
  • The information may shake your foundation, for a private consultation you may book me personally ( phone)
  • 5% of my income goes to Anna Mora’s charity: Children of Mexico foundation.
  • Pay it forward: know someone who may benefit from this course or a private session: Get them a gift card with a 30% discount. 

Let us be the change we want to see in the world and an inspiration for all!

Infinite Love, Tink.