Feminine Flow Pilates

The Feminine Flow Pilates class introduces the familiar principles of Pilates with a feminine interpretation.
Based on a continuous flow from one exercise to the next, this gentle yet potent practice provides with an all around sense of physical and emotional stability and ease.

The class enables an in-depth work on the core, which stores meaningful information and memories of a woman’s life. Tuning in to the centre of the body from this perspective ignites the strength, suppleness and juiciness within.

Inbal enjoys creating a sacred space for you to meet yourself – bringing you back into a profound state of wholeness. Her unique blend of modern knowledge and sacred feminine teachings assures you will step out to the world physically energised, mentally refreshed, grounded at peace, ready to live your potential to the fullest!

Classes are on Monday’s from 13:00 – 14:00.

This class is also suitable for pregnant and post natal mothers.