method with Anna Mora

WhatOnline workshop with Anna Mora
WhenNew Date Coming Soon
Pricing* € 45  for one workshop / studio members
* € 112,50 for three workshops / studio members / € 37,50 per workshop
* € 180 for six workshops / studio members / € 30 per workshop
Note: € 5 extra per workshop for non-studio members

GYROKINESIS® method with Anna Mora

Anna starts this workshop with a 30 min introduction to this magic movement practice, which offers similar benefits also derived from yoga, tai chi, dance and sports. Following this, you can experience a 90 min class. Movements are rhythmic and undulating, freeing the body from tension and stress and creating an overall sense of peace and balance. Improved coordination, balance, strength and flexibility are achieved and sustained naturally at a deep level. Your body is stimulated and worked gradually through fluid repetitive movements.

Note: Previous experience of this method is not required to participate / Stool and a mat required.