Holistic Medicine

Maria Essence® workshop: Energy – Work

This workshop guides you towards a conscious awareness of your energetic being and how to work with it.

Becoming aware of your essence/soul will aid you to create and experience a well-balanced life, filled with joy and radiant health.


A guided meditation, combined with a unique Maria Essence® spray, will open your heart centre.

Opening the heart centre is the key to allowing cosmic and earth energy to flow harmoniously through your physical and energetic bodies.

This peaceful flow will awaken your overall sense of well-being and improved immune system.

Repeat this at home for ongoing blissfull results!

Reiki & Maria Essence®

Individual sessions: 75 minutes

Deep relaxation, is the foundation of a well-balanced life, improved health, increased joy, expanded awareness and true empowerment!

To get you to this Zen space, Anita Maria combines Reiki with powerful healing crystals and Maria Essence sprays. 

A powerful combination to brings about a conscious connection to your true self; the source of all well- beingness!

Go home feeling deeply loved, whole and powerful, a true gift for yourself and your loved ones!

Maria Essence® 

Seven chakras meditation & the heart.

Individual session and workshops

Feel vibrant forevermore!

Learn how to recharge and manage your energy level, creating a balanced life. 


A guided meditation to awaken the seven chakras, combined with a Maria Essence® spray will carry you on a discovery journey of your energetic centres.

The seven chakras:

Located along your spine from your tail to your crown, are responsible for your well-being and health.

Every aspect of life will benefit from a properly functioning chakra!

The guided meditation will allow you to experience their unique abilities consciously.

Moreover, you’ll learn to communicate and charge them, allowing a steady flow of energy to run through them, for better health, happiness and purpose!

Relaxing therapy