mOOVe with the OOV with Turid Dramé

WhereOnline Workshop with Turid Dramé
WhenSaturday 26 June 2021 – 15.30 – 17.00 (1.5 hours only)
Pricing* € 45  for one workshop / studio members
* € 112,50 for three workshops / studio members / € 37,50 per workshop
* € 180 for six workshops / studio members / € 30 per workshop
Note: € 5 extra per workshop for non-studio members

mOOVe with the OOV with Turid Drame 

The OOV challenges your balance and stability, triggering you to find new strategies to control your movements. It’s unique shape activates your core stability muscles on the deeper layers. You will be placed in a constantly dynamic position which triggers your body to restabilize itself organically. Experience spinal health and conditioning while preventing and rehabilitating injury. 

Note Required props: OOV needs to be rented from the studio

What is mOOVe?

Find your deep core muscles? Then the OOV is your next challenge! The OOV acts as bio-feedback. It’s like a soft and supporting rocking chair which challenges you to activate the deep core muscles. Your spinal health will definitely benefit from it.

This specialized piece of equipment is developed by an Australian Ostheopaat Daniel Vladeta. After completing his BS in anatomy and physiology, Daniel continued his post-graduate studies in neuroscience, molecular biology and osteopathy. In 2008 he began to design and develop the OOV, a device with an unstable base to be used for rehabilitation and functional activities.