Pilates Oov


The original OOV equipment, made by the osteopath, Dr.Daniel Vladeta. 

OOV ‘s purpose is to optimize your spine’s health.


  • Made of durable foam, the OOV is designed to complement and support the natural curve of the spine.
  • Its unique shape activates your core stability muscles while inducing healthy intervertebral disc lubrication.
  • Using the OOV with the specially designed exercise routine ensures the best results. 

mOOve is an advanced class which requires prior experience with Pilates.


  • Strengthening and conditioning your deep core muscles.
  • Promoting spinal health and condition.
  • Injuries prevention and rehab.

Please note: Not recommended during pregnancy or postnatal.  (please check with your GP before signing up)

  • The Oov challenges your balance and stability, triggering you to find new strategies to control your movements.
  • The Oov’s curves are designed to lengthen the spine while placing it in a constant dynamic position; this triggers your body to restabilize itself organically.
  • The unique shape creates more space in the body to facilitate fluid movements.

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OOV - Ergonomic training