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Wendy (a student at Studio AnnaMora):

Sara (a tourist from Italy):

The lesson from yesterday was simply beautiful! You, Jill and the other girls have been so kind with me. I really hope to come back to Amsterdam and to come back to your studio!

Thank you so much for the chance given to me to share my passion with other people in another country. I will send you some picture I did yesterday if you want to put them in your Facebook account.
Best wishes and a very big kiss,Sara

Amsterdam Mama’s, an active expats community, gives an award to our studio!

Joanne (a student at Studio AnnaMora):

When I first started coming to Studio AnnaMora, I worked with a trainer taking private lessons. I’ve since started taking various classes taught by various instructors.

I really enjoy that each instructor has her own style of teaching. I also enjoy the variety of classes that are offered.

As the studio is small, I find the atmosphere warm and welcoming. It’s been great to find such a special place to exercise!

Ayelet (a student at Studio AnnaMora):

Studio AnnaMora – a place where I could finally really enjoy Pilates.

Three years ago I came to Amsterdam, after having done 6 years of Pilates, I knew this was one of my goals – finding a place for continuing my Pilates, a place to connect with myself and with everything around me, away from my original home. It took me almost a year and a half, but eventually I found Studio AnnaMora. A place that gave me the international yet local and familiar feeling I was looking for. Great Pilates instructors, but so much more.

Whenever I go to a class, I know I will come out feeling better than I came in, physically, mentally, all around. The studio is always welcoming – everyone is pleasant and helpful. I often go to Anna’s and Jill’s classes, and whether there are 4 students or 14 in the class it feels like a private class, with full attention to each and everyone. Can’t thank them enough for making it so worthwhile the early waking upon going out in the evening, rain or shine, always walking out with a smile, feeling taller and fitter.

Gladys Nurmohamed :

I am proud to share that I have been a pilates student at Studio AnnaMora for more than 14 years now. The studio offers high quality lessons given by international experienced teachers and performers specialized in movement and dance.

Combining pilates mat with pilates reformer classes helps me to build strength and flexibility to pursue my passion in bellydance. Recently I followed a few ballet classes refreshing basic ballet techniques focusing on posture, strength and elegance.

If you like personal attention, professional guidance and flexibility in setting up your own training schedule I really recommend you to visit Studio AnnaMora.

Karin Bartels:

Dear Anna,

I want to thank you and give a big compliment to all of you! The classes have been great, the atmosphere is super, I couldn’t be happier! Don’t know how I spent all this time without; I’m hooked 🙂 Your studio is like a warm bath, so keep up this great work and spirit!

Gladys Daniel, business & personal coach The Dancer, shape-, zumba-, pilates- en yogatrainer, TrippleShape trainer/founder:

Ik heb bij Anna een privé Pilates gevolgd op de ‘machines’. De les stond gepland om 10.30u, terwijl ik totaal geen ochtend-trainer ben.

Maar wat een heerlijke ervaring, juist op de ochtend. Anna zorgt ervoor dat je tot jezelf komt, geeft je liefdevolle aandacht, neemt de tijd voor je en zorgt ervoor dat de les wordt afgestemd op jouw fysieke en geestelijke behoeften (zonder dat je hierover iets hoeft te melden trouwens).

Deze ochtend-workout was een fantastisch begin van de dag en een mooi moment voor mezelf. Zo zou ik elke dag wel met een training willen starten.

Het maakt niet uit of je een beginnende of ervaren cursist bent, al groepslessen volgt of niet… geef jezelf eens over aan een privé Pilates sessie bij Anna en maak kennis met een echte professsional. Het is een cadeautje aan jezelf!

Enjoy it!

Julie B, student at Studio AnnaMora:

I cannot recommend Studio AnnaMora enough… I had a scoliosis (curvature of the spine) operation when I was 14 and have always used that as an excuse not to get into shape/ work toward the body I would like to have.  I am now 39, and have the body I always wanted because of Pilates.  I have lost weight, gained strength and toned-up, but more importantly, I have gained self-respect and confidence.

All of the instructors are AMAZING – they understand what you want to achieve and know how to get you there – with the exercises, yes, but also with support and motivation (and have become great friends too ;).  I have been going to Pilates classes for over 6 months now, and still look forward to classes, and can’t wait to see the changes in another 6 months!

Thank-you Anna and all of you instructors – you all really changed my life completely.