Andrea Bergh

Andrea grew up as a ballet dancer, which led to a life long pursuit of movement involving everything from running to yoga, karate to pilates.

She likes to think of the body as having the capacity to contain, not just a book, but a “library of movement” vocabulary, and strives to allow all her clients to feel autonomous and curious in their practice. To then be able to approach daily life with confidence and courage and freedom from physical constraints, that’s the peace of mind that comes with a mindful pilates practice.

With a keen eye for efficient movement and alignment, she strives for gentle precision. And with a firm nod to humility and enjoyment, she hopes to send you out with a smile. Stronger, longer, and ready for the day.

Andrea is certified in the Polestar Pilates Mat Course and Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Course (machines). She is also a certified Barre Concept teacher, and has undergone training for Oov apparatus. And she is continuously busy with furthering her knowledge with workshops related to the pilates method and functional movement.

Andrea Bergh, trainer Studio AnnaMora