Georgia Boddez

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Georgia is a freelance dance artist and performer. At the age of 18 she relocated to Amsterdam to pursue further dance opportunities across Europe. Being passionate about exploring and embodying movement all her life led her towards becoming a certified coach of MUNZ FLOOR.

“This method has an astounding ability to make you go in-depth while letting you be completely autonomous. I love the immediate effects of increased muscle tone and flexibility, they make me more in tune with my body and mind as a whole. Learning directly from the originator Alex Munz made me delve into the very sources of MUNZ FLOOR and all its molecular intricacies.

MUNZ FLOOR has brought me on a journey into the fascia and central nervous systems, I now understand why this tridimensional multidirectional method unleashes powerful resources, whatever your age or body condition. I hope to share this new therapeutic and non-invasive solution with others.”