Inbal Sigler

Along her awarded career as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, Inbal delved into the flow and precision of Pilates and Yoga, being certified by leading teacher training programs held around the world.
Her desire to go deeper into the Self led her to the holistic Taoist philosophy of Chinese medicine, Shiatsu techniques and into the Theta Healing realms of transformation and creation. All these modalities on their deep sense of serenity, focus and alignment are the base of Feminine Artistry Method (FAM) Inbal shares with the world on the feminine body, and are fully generated by her all round classes.
Together with her life long ongoing love and devotion to movement and self development throughout it, as a mother of 3 boys Inbal founded in 2013 Isis Hypnobirthing- An inspirational centre in Amsterdam for fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Through this space she has been supporting mothers and parents on their amazing journey of becoming a family. Providing the knowledge, magic and practical tools to experience the most powerful, intimate love based pregnancy and childbirth leading into a blissful motherhood.

Whether it is a birth preparation course or a Pilates class, Inbal creates a sacred space where you meet yourself. She brings you back into a profound state of wholeness, igniting the strength, suppleness and juiciness within. Her unique blend of modern knowledge and sacred feminine teachings assures you step out to the world physically energised, mentally refreshed, grounded at peace all ready to living your potential to the fullest.