Jill Locke

Before moving to Amsterdam, Jill lived and worked in NYC for many contemporary dance and opera companies.

She has extensive experience with both Pilates and Yoga, and is always continuing her movement education by attending workshops that deepen her understanding of anatomy, injury, rehabilitation, and touch.

Jill’s greatest hope for those who take her class is that it brings them joy, space, and that they learn new things about themselves.

She teaches Pilates technique to teach people how to move more intelligently and more thoughtfully, how to challenge postural habits and previously held limits, to feel empowered by this new knowledge and to experience, over time, how profoundly this knowledge can alter the quality of their lives.

Jill gave me hope when I had none. I had been through all kinds of physical therapy and even injections, with no success in helping my injury.
It was Jill’s expertise and patience that helped me to improve, slowly but steadily. She enabled me to get back to living a normal life, something I didn’t know could be a reality.
She is absolutely one of the best in the business, certainly the best Pilates instructor I have ever had.


Jill Locke, trainer Studio AnnaMora