Noelle Mos

Teaching gives Noelle a lot of energy and satisfaction. Her main goal is to work hard and have fun!

At the age of 5, she started dancing. In 2004, Noelle began her study at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam with specialism Jazz-Musical. Next to being a performing dancer, she had a focus on choreography.

Along the way she developed a warm interest for Pilates. This helps her a lot with teaching Barre Concept.

I take the Barre Concept class with Noelle Mos. The class is enjoyable, well designed and a good workout.
Noelle is always in a great mood and every class is slightly different to keep it interesting. Barre Concept is designed to work all the muscles safely and is also cardiovascular.
I find it a great overall fitness class. When you leave you always feel energized and inspired.

Hari J.

Noelle Mos, trainer Studio AnnaMora