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Ozlem Koseli

A former student of our studio, Ozlem completed the Polestar Pilates Mat course in 2014 and Comprehensive Studio in 2015.

What she enjoys most about Pilates is becoming aware of her body, building up balance & control while moving and being surprised all the time about what our bodies can achieve.

Her aim is to help people to increase their body awareness, to establish intelligent & efficient movement with flow, and maybe even help them to surprise themselves.

I’m an engineer and suffering from back pains. I stay behind the computer the whole day; with lack of move and additionally under stress.
Therefore I decided to do Pilates and I started to follow Mat-1 and Mat-2 classes with Ozlem. I immediately noticed the difference on my body after a few classes, especially on my shoulders and upper back.
I’m really appreciating her effort during the classes where she pays special attention to each attendee’s specific situation and guide us to improve our body structure and awareness.

Ozlem Koseli