Patricia van Romondt

Pilates is Patricia’s true passion! Through the experience setting up Pilates under the roof of physical therapy practices as well as working with women revalidating from Breast cancer, she learned a lot about coaching special groups of people with more limitations.

Patricia’s classes are suitable for people who want to recover from burnout, injuries, health problems or simply want to be fitter, stronger and most importantly: understand the foundations of Pilates before moving further up to more advanced classes.

As someone leading a small business working in 4 countries life is often very stressful. I used to run a lot, but this became too much and my body had been telling me for some time that it needed to go back to pilates.

I train with three different teachers at Anna Mora including Patricia. Her thoughtful and tailored approach to each of my lessons enables me to develop my core strength, focus more on what my body needs and provides a nourishing space to ‘take time out’.

Patricia van Romondt, trainer Studio AnnaMora