Renee van Egmond

Since 2009 Renee is certified as a trainer in the Ellie Herman method for teaching on Pilates machines and on the mat.

She is a long-year experienced teacher, who still works with a lot of joy and surrender. The classical Springboard class is her favorite.

Her deepest motivation is to work together in joy in order to make the training a challenge.

I’ve been with the studio practicing pilates for more than 4 years now. Originally I joined to help me get my back and hip problems under control, but now it’s also become a fun way to get some exercise and strengthen my body.

I’m training with Renée van Egmond as my private teacher and I enjoy working with her. She is always creative coming up with various trainings (mat, ball, springboards, cadillac), being flexible and a lot of fun to work with (whilst also being strict when necessary ;-)).

Renee van Egmond, trainer Studio AnnaMora