Pilates Posture #2 – ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ with Andrea Bergh

WhereOnline Workshop with Andrea Bergh
WhenSunday 13 June 2021 – 15.30 – 17.30 hrs
Pricing* € 45  for one workshop / studio members
* € 112,50 for three workshops / studio members / € 37,50 per workshop
* € 180 for six workshops / studio members / € 30 per workshop
Note: € 5 extra per workshop for non-studio members
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Pilates Posture #2  ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ with Andrea Bergh

We spend so much time sitting, especially now, and this is literally killing our backs, young or old. Our pelvis is the central area of our body. We put a lot of weight on it whilst sitting. It is essential to gain awareness of this crucial area of our body, especially for women. You gain awareness and knowledge of this area, including the function of the ribs, hips and tailbone, better breathing habits and spinal mobility!

Good posture is not the old idea of walking with a book on your head. It is an efficient alignment of your entire body from head to toe, how your bones meet other bones and how the surrounding soft tissues offer support for ease of movement. Your body and mind are unique to you, and how they relate to each other plays a big part in how you move through your daily activities. In this workshop, we will use some basic anatomy, focused awareness, and movement (mostly based on the Pilates method) to explore how you are organised, improve range of motion for efficient alignment, gain strength, and come away with a better understanding of how your body works.

Note: Required props: foam roller, theraband or old panties 🙂 

We advise you to take Andrea’s workshops as a pair, so that the information can flow from one into the other workshop.