Have a healthy pregnancy!

pilates-pregnancy-amsterdamPilates is an excellent way to stay in shape during pregnancy and recover after giving birth in order to return to your ‘svelte’ self. Our professional team of trainers will show you how!

Pre-/Post-natal Group Class

You’ll be able to continue training during your entire pregnancy, as well as post-pregnancy by following tailor-made exercises with safe modifications for all three trimesters.

We will focus on your breathing techniques, spinal and lower extremity alignment, anatomical changes during pregnancy and after, correct sitting and standing posture, and spinal stabilization principles.

Sundays at 10.45 hr.

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Pre-/Post-natal Reformer Class

During and after your pregnancy you can train on the reformer.
We will focus on breathing techniques, spinal and lower extremity alignment.
The stronger you go into labour, the faster you recover.

Thursdays at 19.00 hr

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Private Classes

Private sessions focus on your individual needs and wishes. To schedule, send an email to

Enjoy the personalized workout!