Top 10 Pilates Exercises


90º 90º

Lie down on your back. Take the table top position by stretching your upper legs up in an angle of 90º to your body while placing your lower legs are in line with your body. On your exhalation lower your right leg until you softly touch the ground with the toes and bring it back into horizontal position. Do the same with your left leg. Make sure your lower back stays flat on the floor. Repeat 12x for each leg.


Lying on your back, stretch your legs 90º upwards, while having your arms wide open on the floor. Turn your hips and legs 45º to left and to right. On exhalation move your legs back to the middle. 12x


Lying on your back bent your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Your hands hold your head. On exhalation contract ribs and curl up upper back, making sure your elbows stay in the periphery of your eyes. 10x


Lying on your back have your head rest on your hands and position your legs in tabel top (see first exercise). Lift the chest and bring left elbow to right knee while stretching the left leg. Alternate, and bring right elbow to left knee while stretching the right leg. Exhalation on the touch of elbow and knee. Repeat 10x each side.


Turn onto the belly. Hands under shoulders, elbows like wings against the torso. While lifting your head push your arms until stretched. Pubis comes off the floor. 10x


While lying on the belly, rest your forehead on your right hand. With your left hand take your left foot, pull heel to your bottom, lower the bent knee, push pubis in the floor, pull abdominal muscles inside, lift thigh without losing the position. 10x


Lying on the belly stretch arms front and lift them so that your hands are 10 cm off the floor. Stretch legs and lift them about 10 cm off the floor. Tight your core and flipper with arms and legs up and down in contra rhythm, high speed. 15x


Turn onto your right hip lifting your upper body by resting on your elbow. Left arm reaches up to the ceiling. On exhalation your hip goes up and on inhalation it comes down. Each side 10x


Lying on your right hip lifting your upper body by resting on your elbow. Your upper arm is lifted in line with your body. Stretch upper leg, make circles with that leg. 10 x each direction, for each side.


Take plank position on hands and feet, like doing push ups. Lift legs alternately on exhalation in the air. Your plank does not move. Each side 10x