Privates / Semi-Privates



Private classes provide the opportunity for a single focus: the trainer can dedicate all of his or her attention to your personal needs. An initial physical screening will provide the information needed to deliver a program that suits your personal needs, builds on your strengths and works on your weaknesses.

Private classes can help with the recovery from injuries, support a women’s condition during and after their pregnancy, keep top sporters fit, or cater to individuals with demanding schedules or those who seek inner balance.


Duet and Trio

We also offer the possibility for duet and trio classes. They provide a financially attractive, fun and effective way of personalized training together with others like you. Duets and trios can only be booked when you are with two or three.

Private and Semi-Private classes last 55 minutes.

We advise all new clients to start with a series of private classes before joining a class.