Studio Protocol on Corona / Covid 19

Safety for all:

To ensure your health and safety, we are complying with all the legal guidelines given by the government:

  1. The studio has arranged the entrance and exit routes, just follow the signs
  2. Gel dispensers can be found throughout the whole studio
  3. An interval of 30 minutes between 2 classes will allow us, to clean and ventilate the space

We appreciate you reading the following guidelines and complying with them:

  • Make sure you are in perfect health before coming to the studio
  • Keep 1,5 m distance from anyone you encounter in the studio
  • Disinfect your hands immediately when you enter the studio
    Disinfectant dispensers are right by the door
  • When hanging your coat: make sure to keep it at a distance from others
  • Please bring as little with you as possible (like bags)
  • Place your shoes in the shoe rack, separate from each other
  • Come to class in your training gear , do not change in the studio
  • Wearing socks is mandatory in the studio
    Pilates organic cotton anti-slip toe-socks can be purchased at the front desk for €12,50
  • If possible, bring your own mat!
  • Please bring a personal, clean towel
  • Your towel should be big enough to cover the mat or machine
  • Please bring your own water bottle
  • Masks are mandatory, gloves are allowed but not mandatory
  • The masks are a must when you are in the studio at all times;  we advise to keep it on while training
  • The toilet and dressing room will not be accessible to clients
  • Please arrive to class on the scheduled time, and plan to leave as soon as your class ends (unless you must communicate to you trainer)
  • Please use the disinfectants provided to clean your mat and machine after each class
  • By booking a lesson you automatically agree to our studio terms and conditions

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!