BalletFit is a group-based exercise program, using the technique of classical ballet and mat pilates. It was developed by Chao Shi, who danced for eleven years with the Dutch National Ballet.

The lesson starts with several exercises on mat, including ballet and pilates inspired floor exercises to tone muscles and improve flexibility and core.

Next are ballet related exercises with and without barre, where exercises are performed to strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles, improve balance, and develop a strong core. The movements are designed to be simple, elegant yet physically demanding and effective.

The class ends with stretching, which is a critical part of any workout. Chao will show various stretching exercises including knee, calf, back, groin, hamstrings, quads, etc.

Chao’s BalletFit lessons are highly accessible, and prior knowledge of ballet is not necessary. In addition to the health benefits, it helps you develop a good posture and fit body.

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