For an invigorating workout

Springboard is the ultimate piece of equipment that will not only challenge your entire body, but provides additional assistance to an exercise to help improve your form, spinal/peripheral mobility and strength.

Beginner and advanced exercises that may be difficult to perform on the mat, can be learned on the springboard in a controlled and safe manner. Furthermore, the varying resistance of the springs can be tailored to the client and will work your shoulders, legs, butt, and abdominals.

Get ready for an invigorating full body workout!

Every week you will experience new challenging exercises, deepening your understanding of the Pilates method. It’s the ultimate form of exercise that increases body awareness, targeted training of strength, and the careful implementation of Pilates principles.

This is a fun as well as challenging class in which the “Joy of Moving” is central!

Pilates springboards
pilates springboards