Studio Rentals

Planning a workshop, a masterclass, a special training? Studio AnnaMora is happy to be your host! Our venue is a professional, beautiful and fully equipped space right in the centre of Amsterdam. Easy to reach by car, bicycle and public transport.

Studio AnnaMora consists of a studio, a therapy room for physiotherapy/massage, a machineroom, a small machineroom, a dressingroom, a kitchen and a frontdesk. The studio has a non-shoe policy.

The Main Studio, the Machine Room and the Therapy Room are available for rent. For prices and availability, please give us a call at or app us on +31657528688 or email us.

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Studio rental at Studio AnnaMora in Amsterdam

Main Studio

85 m², dance floor, ballet barre

Machine room at Studio AnnaMora in Amsterdam

Machine Room

27 m², 4 reformers, barrel


Therapy Room

12 m², therapy/massage-table

Rental agreements can be made by hour, day part, day, week and weekend. It is also possible to organize a regular course, workshop, masterclass or (special) training in our studio/rooms as long as the time schedule does not interfere with our classes.

For prices and availability, please give us a call at or app us on +31657528688 or e-mail us.

Take a virtual tour inside our studio on Google: click here, choose 360 view and follow the hand-icon to come in.