Therapy Room for rent

Are you looking for a nice therapy room (practice space) with Covid-proof ventilation, in the heart of Amsterdam? In our beautiful movement studio in the heart of Amsterdam, you can rent a 14m2 therapy room!

The therapy room is light, with a high ceiling and a good atmosphere. By appointment, you also have access to our 85m2 dance studio.

The therapy room is easy to reach by car, bicycle and public transport. A 2-minute walk from metro station Vijzelgracht (7 minutes from CS by metro). In the studio there is a kitchen with a coffee machine and a fridge for cool drinks. The studio is on the ground floor and has a no-shoe policy. 
Are you interested? Contact us!

Rent agreements can be made by hour, day part, day, week and weekend. It is also possible to organize a regular course, a workshop, masterclass or special training in our studio and other spaces as long as the time schedule does not interfere with our classes.

For prices and availability, please give us a call at or app us on +31657528688 or send us an email.

Therapy room at Studio Anna Mora in Amsterdam