Summer Boost Total Body Workout

Join our outdoor full body workout  |  Every Thursday 07.45

Our trainer Karen created a total body, cardio and strength conditioning workout for you. It’s exactly what you need now after this long period of confinement and reduced mobility!
This energetic 1 hour workout combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts. It’s designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and start your day with good energy! We found a lovely spot outside so not only your body benefits but also your eyes will enjoy this class.

  • How to prepare | What to bring
    Please bring your mat, a towel and a bottle of water. Karen will bring the rest of the workout equipment!
  • Location | Piet Meerburgbrug (Brug 234)
    We will meet at the Piet Meerburgbrug (Brug 234) at the end of Plantage Parklaan. It’s where the Nieuwe Keizersgracht, Plantage Parklaan and Hortusplantsoen join, offering a beautiful view on the Plantage Muidergracht canal. If the weather is not on our side, the class will be held at the studio!
  • Pricing
    Summer Boost Outdoor Lessons 5-Class Card: 75 €
    Single Outdoor Class: 20 €
    You can also use an existing class card and we send you a Tikkie of 5 € to match the price of the class.
Total workout bal 4 -Studio AnnaMora-Amsterdam
Summer Boost Total Body workout 1 - Studio AnnaMora-Amsterdam