Terms and conditions

StudioAnnaMora, students information:


All physical exercise classes, including Pilates, implies a physical exertion, which may be strenuous or cause bodily injury.


  1. Each student is liable to his or her safety.
  2. Each student must make sure he/she is in good health-condition before signing up, in doubt; please consult your physician.
  3. StudioAnnaMora is not responsible for any injuries occurring:
  • During a class, workshop or retreat.
  • Any other activity in our studio or another location we use.
  • En route to, or out of our premises.
  • When repeating the exercises at home (on your own).
  1. When in pain or any other discomfort during class:
  • One must stop exercising and report it to the instructor immediately.
  • Our instructors must respect your condition and give you the appropriate assistance.

For your safety and others:

Please do not take a class, workshop or a retreat if:

  1. You have any active or contagious illness such as the flue, mal-digestion symptoms or an injury.
  2. Undergoing a medical treatment or during a pre/postnatal phase, pre/post-surgery.(signed permission from your doctor /medical facilitator is mandatory)
  3. The student is obliged at all times to report any health conditions to the instructor, such as:
  • Pregnancy (pre/postnatal).
  • High/low blood pressure.
  • Respiratory difficulty.
  • Muscle, joint or bones complaints.
  • Any active illness, medical treatment or medications which may impair your participation or aggravate your condition.
  • If any pain, cramps, nausea dizziness occur during class: stop exercising and report it to your instructor immediately.


Signing – up, or attending our services, implies that the student understands and agrees to all our terms and conditions.

StudioAnnaMora is not liable to any of the following occurrences, taking place on our premises, or as a result of it. (?)

  • Death
  • Injuries
  • Damages

The student may not use a legal nor a direct complaint towards us.

  • StudioAnnaMora is not liable for loss, misappropriation, theft or damage, both directly and indirectly, respectively from or to the customer’s property.
  • A full value charge is imposed upon the student/visitor, when causing damage intentionally or through improper use to StudioAnnaMora’s property. (or other participants)


You may use any of the following options to make a reservation:

  • Online: through our web page, our app or direct Email.
  • Other options: by phone, or in-person at the studio.
  • Showing up for classes without a reservation is permitted at your own risk, as it won’t guarantee your spot.
  • Private and semi-private cannot be reserved online! Please make your reservations either in person, by phone, or by Email.


  • Please pay attention to: “Late cancel time” notification mentioned in the class/service description.
  • Your reservation is charged in full when failing to cancel within the instructed time frame.


List of minimum hours required before class starting time:

  • Groups, Mat classes, Springboard: 12 hours.
  • Reformer quartets: 24 hours
  • Private & semi-private sessions: 24 hours.
  • Workshops & retreats: — see workshop description.


  • Occasional participants or non-unlimited members: full charge of the reserved class.
  • Unlimited members: €10


  • All purchases are final unless otherwise indicated and communicated to you by StudioAnnaMora.
  • StudioAnnaMora reserves the right to cancel a purchase and refund the money at its discretion.

Contact Us: We are happy to answer your questions about this Privacy Policy; please contact us:

Studio Anna Mora
Nieuwe Looiersstraat 21A
1017 VA Amsterdam

Phone: 020 7583255
Mobile/WhatsApp: +31 6 57528688