Sidonie Nana Klabou – masseur

“From an early age I have been intrigued by the techniques and practices of massage. Now it has become my profession. I give relaxation massage and currently I am also following training courses in Shiatsu (acupressure) therapy.

Shiatsu is a wonderful way to relieve tension using light pressure massage and also a very good way to learn how to relax. As the treatment is provided without any need to undress it is non-invasive.The massages are given on a heated bed with warm oil.”

Prices: 60 min 55 euro / Shiatsu 60 min 40 euro
Availability: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and all evenings.
Contact: 06 46 09 19 49,


Niels Theil – masseur

“I’m Dutch, but have worked mainly outside the Netherlands since 2004 as a massage therapist for Cirque du Soleil on 13 different shows.

My style is a combination of sport massage and deep tissue (Shiatsu and Thai traditional massage).

My work schedule is currently 3 days with the Cirque du Soleil in Europe and 2 days in Amsterdam.

Working on a Hydrolic massage table, with the use of massage oil, I warm up the muscles and gradually apply deep pressure, treating the problem area and checking other areas to see where the problem is coming from.”

Prices: 30 min. 35 euro / 60 min. 65 euro / 90 min. 95 euro
Availability: Monday morning, Saturday, Sunday, other days sometimes.


Marieke de Kock – Shiatsu therapist

“I have lots of experience as a Iokai Shiatsu Therapist.

Shiatsu is a form of manual therapy, based on Oriental medicine. Attention and softness are central. Shiatsu strengthens your vitality, restores balance and brings deep relaxation.

The treatment has a preventive effect and can also be used therapeutically in acute and chronic complaints. I have treated people with all kinds of symptoms; from knee and back/spine problems to burnout.”

Prices: 75 min 75 euro / short consultation 45 min 55 euro

Treatments are (partially) reimbursed by health insurance. I am a certified member of the Professional Association V.I.S.

Availability: Wednesdays 8:30 to 12:30 am.
Contact: 06 218 687 87,