Sidonie Nana Klabou – masseur

“From an early age I have been intrigued by the techniques and practices of massage. Now it has become my profession. I give relaxation massage and currently I am also following training courses in Shiatsu (acupressure) therapy.

Shiatsu is a wonderful way to relieve tension using light pressure massage and also a very good way to learn how to relax. As the treatment is provided without any need to undress it is non-invasive.The massages are given on a heated bed with warm oil.”

Prices: 60 min 55 euro / Shiatsu 60 min 40 euro
Availability: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and all evenings.
Contact: 06 46 09 19 49,


Milena Chavez – masseur

“Usually, people are surprised when they realize that small women can give good massages. Common sense goes that small bodies cannot produce the necessary force to cause deep relaxation. I sometimes smile when I hear people say that, because the truth is, a good massage is the consequence of a focused mind and a well-trained body, and not necessarily the size of a person.

I’m originally from the northeast of Mexico, but since 2012 I have been studying acupuncture and various styles of
Chinese Massage, and it is mainly “Tuina Massage” that I offer to my clients.
Tuina massage combines several gentle hand-techniques like kneading, rotating, pushing and other types of acupressure to help the client’s body reach deep relaxation step by step without being too invasive, bringing the whole body in balance.
I offer Acupuncture treatments for different complaints and Cupping, as well.”

Prices: Massage: 60 min € 60 / Acupuncture Session € 45
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.
Contact: 06 24 88 47 17,


Veluchka Anguvchikova – masseur

“I am from Bulgaria. The coming four years I will live in Amsterdam, studying Iokai Shiatsu education.
I started my professional career as a Spa and wellness therapist in Bulgaria in 2007 and graduated a year later.

During the last eleven years I developed my skills. With care and pleasure I wish to offer treatments, not only for adults, but as well for our little friends who need special attention in their young age.

Massage for children:  30min/35 euro
Ayurvedic head massage: 30min/35euro (massage with warm almond oil). Compromising the nervous system, this massage can help relieve symptomps of anxiety, fatigue and hypertension, fear, headache as well as depression. It gives feelings of pleasure and relaxation.
Foot massage and Reflexology: 30min/35euro. Improves energy levels, blood circulation, liver function, useful for depression, helps reduce swollen legs, reduces symptoms of PMS.
Hot Stone massage 60min/60euro or 90min/75euro. Relief from muscle tension, stress and anxiety, boost immunity and blood circulation, improves sleep and  mental health.
Facial treatments: 60min/65euro. Cleansing the skin, prevent aging, detoxifying and tightnening the skin, reduces eye bags and dark circles.

Please contact me for more information.”

Availability: Monday Morning, weekevenings and Saturday & Sunday.
Contact: 06 26 42 59 18,




Rachel Dahlberg / Rada Therapy – masseur

“The concept behind Rada is to use a holistic approach to address issues regarding both body and mind. Specialising in burn-out and fatigue Rada looks deeper into how stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and emotional issues can put the body into a fight or flight

response . Looking at the connection between these issues and the physical response the body has causing the muscles to tighten, the belly cramps and the headaches emerge.
Understanding how physical pain, poor posture, sore muscles, pinched nerves, herniated discs and injuries lead to restlessness, lack of sleep and trauma.Over time this physical pain can trigger emotional stress and so the cycle continues.

All products used are 100% vegan organic!

All treatments are customised over a 60, 90, 120 minute treatment time and all start with a foot bath and thorough consultation. Treatments are made up of remedial, hot stone, relaxation and spots massage, cupping, aromatherapy, reiki and wellness coaching.”

For more information, my website


Phone: +31 6 87581872