physiotherapy & acupuncture

Saskia de Beus – physiotherapist

“My experience lies in treating sport, dance and work related injuries. The therapy-session includes a ‘hands-on’ approach, as well as specific exercises.

I am specialized in Dry Needling and Medical Taping for which I have the necessary certifications.Dry Needling can be helpful in short term complaints as well as in chronic injuries.

I have often noticed the great benefits of combining physiotherapy and Pilates for people with physical discomforts or injuries. And that is exactly what we aim to establish at Studio Anna Mora: an accessible and effective collaboration between Pilates and physiotherapy.”

Prices: contact your health insurance.
Availability: Tuesday-, Wednesday- and Thursday afternoon.
Contact: 06 40 72 05 15,


Robin van Rijgersma – manual and dansante therapist

“After my dance studies at the National Ballet Academie and Jazz Theater Show-musical school

in Amsterdam, I taught for several years dance-classes in Italy, Germany and Fuerte Ventura. After doing that for more than 15 years, I wanted to take a next step and I begun my study to became a physical therapist. After my bachelor I studied for Manual Therapist in the Egg-shell method.

Recently I have begun to teach Dansante Fysiotherapie classes. With these classes I can combine my two biggest passions: Dance and physical therapy. I help people with physical complaints to move better and hereby recover from their injury in a save manner.  

The human body is amazing. But when the body of a dancer or someone who uses his /her body to create art fails because of an injury, it’s good to know someone that understands. Who understands the demands, possibilities and restrictions of a dancers body and who understands how important it is to keep on performing.

My mission therefore is it to help dancers and others who use their body professionally to recover from their injuries with a minimum amount of time without being able to dance or move.”

Prices: Intake 56,50 Euro, follow-up appointment 40 Euro.
Availability: Monday and Friday.
Contact: 06 12 72 28 67,


Lucien Jankelson – acupuncturist

Starting from Wednesday November 7, Studio Anna Mora is teamingup with LucienJankelson to bring accessible and affordable acupuncture to everyone.

This is the first Community Acupuncture Model in the Netherlands.

“Community Acupuncture allows us to see many patients every hour. Meaning that friends and family can come in at the same time, no bookings, and minimal cost!

Acupuncture works fantastically for pain, injury, digestive problems, insomnia, fatigue, weight loss, headaches and migraines and emotional wellbeing!

My vision is to make excellent quality acupuncture accessible to as many people as possible with treatments delivered by skilled practitioners who care about you and your goals.

No booking times, walk in treatments
Every Wednesday 13.00 – 16.00 hr
€15 – 25 > pay what you can afford!