Saskia de Beus – physiotherapist

“My experience lies in treating sport, dance and work related injuries. The therapy-session includes a ‘hands-on’ approach, as well as specific exercises.

I am specialized in Dry Needling and Medical Taping for which I have the necessary certifications.Dry Needling can be helpful in short term complaints as well as in chronic injuries.

I have often noticed the great benefits of combining physiotherapy and Pilates for people with physical discomforts or injuries. And that is exactly what we aim to establish at Studio Anna Mora: an accessible and effective collaboration between Pilates and physiotherapy.”

Prices: contact your health insurance.
Availability: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.
Contact: 06 40 72 05 15,


Yigal Shimshon – manual therapist

“Since four years I work at Studio Anna Mora. Here I find the ideal place to offer my treatments.

I love working with dynamic people who feel responsible for their health, and who are conscious of the fact that this takes time and energy. These people I meet a lot at the studio. So we match in our approach.

During treatment I manipulate a lot or use massage techniques or dry needling. Moreover we will do stretches and strengthening exercises. I expect clients to move at home to take care of loosening the joints and strengthening the muscles.

In my vision our body is a gift and we are responsible for it. My task is to stimulate and guide clients in a good direction.”

Prices: Yigal can inquire if you have insurance.
Availability: Tuesday and Friday.
Contact: 06 43 17 84 87,