MUNZ FLOOR | Reboot your Spine | Workshop Series

WhereStudio AnnaMora
WhenSunday September 11, 18 & 25 | 13.00 – 14.15 hrs

Week’s 1 & 2 will be taught by Tim Persent. Week 3 is taught by Georgia Boddez.
Registration for all three classes is required

The concept of MUNZ FLOOR is as innovative as it is inclusive. You use spiral movement patterns, three-dimensional forces and counter-forces, enabling the spine to decompress, triggering the incredible matrix of the fascia system and its extraordinary power of self-regeneration.

The immediate effects of the multi-award winning MUNZ FLOOR Method comes from that self-production of collagen (muscle tone), elastin (elasticity) and proteoglycans (self-hydration) through our muscles fibers and skin. These sensations happen on a microscopic level, giving an energy boost to your daily life.

This Workshop Series is an opportunity to experience the effects of this unique method over three consecutive weeks. Ideal for people who work in an office, experience any kind of back pain or who want a more regenerative class to complement their training schedule. MUNZ FLOOR gives you more joint freedom, more muscle flexibility, while releasing endorphins that soothe pain and stress.

Spaces are limited – sign up early to save your spot!

What client’s are saying about MUNZ FLOOR:
“Tim’s classes are unique special, deep, highly skilled and scientific. The method is the best way I’ve found to manage anxiety, to restore and heal the body. For me, it’s an all in one meditation, stretching, massage, fascial manipulation and inner strengthening.”

“I love my weekly MUNZ FLOOR class! It has helped me to regain my optimal elongation, alignment and deep inner connectivity. I decompress, unravel tensions and thoroughly enjoy the clear, specific and spacious guidance that Georgia leads us through class with. I love the regenerative power in this work and look forward to each class!”

Tension Release with Franklin Method® balls

WhereStudio AnnaMora
Whencoming soon!

So many of us are carrying around unwanted tension in our bodies. Often it’s obvious, and other times mysterious. Releasing body tension not only creates more space and mobility, but also improves state of mind. And most often all we need to is give our bodies permission to explore.

We have all been through a unique and extreme period where we have been stressed and stretched to our mental limits, and it’s no surprise that perhaps our bodies are carrying around more tension than usual. Things like tightness in your chest, tight hips, achy upper back and shoulders and even headaches and clicky joints. These things can easily be improved with some simple rolling techniques.

In this workshop, we will spend 90 minutes discussing and practicing how to release tension by rolling soft tissues with Franklin Method* balls. We will cover the neck, middle and upper back, upper arms and shoulders, chest, hips, thighs, hamstrings and even feet. You will discover the simple joy of feeling your body with less tension and the satisfaction of knowing how to do it at home. Its so easy and requires very little technique other than to be aware of your own sensations. So let’s roll together!

You need only bring yourself, we have mats and balls. And should you decide you can’t live without them, the balls will be available for sale at the studio.