September Workshop Weekend

The last weekend in September we have two beautiful workshops lined up!

On Saturday september 29th we explore Joe Pilates’ 34 mat exercises with Turid Dramé in “Master the Mat”.

Sunday september 30th it’s Ellen Meijer who takes us on an inside-out journey of our core in “Care for your Core”

We offer a 10% DISCOUNT on a combination ticket for both workshops.

Workshop Master the mat: the 34 Mat Exercises by Joe Pilates & Variations

September 29th, 16.00 – 18.00

Turid Dramé

Come and challenge your body and deepen your understanding of Pilates. The Mat work is the gateway into Pilates for many of us but it is also the hardest part of the Pilates method to truly master. In this workshop, Turid Dramé breaks down and explains all 34 exercises from the original sequence that was written en explained in Joseph Pilates first book “Return to Life Through Contrology”. Because there are so many variations of these exercises, this is a great opportunity to understand the work deeper in your body so you will know how to make adjustments for yourself. You will also experience in this workshop how each exercise is connected, and variations will be given that you can use if you come to a movement that is not right for your body. This is a (semi) advanced level workshop and we recommend to have some Pilates experience in order to get more out of this workshop.

After this workshop you will definitely feel your core muscles. The Sunday “Care for your Core” workshop provides the much needed balance of a softer approach.

Workshop Care for your Core

September 30th, 14.30 – 16.30

Ellen Meijer

In this workshop we will approach your core from a different perspective than you are used to  in your pilates or yoga classes and redefine your abs from inside out.

This inside-out approach refines your relationship with yourself and the layers of your body in a compassionate and respectful way

We will look at the way all of the hard and soft tissues of the core and spine relate to each other.

And you will learn how to use the Yoga Tune Up balls to create a complete myofascial release (deep muscular and tissue release) of the muscles of your core.

Learn how to massage your abdomen, free up restrictions in the torso to move with more ease and allow fuller breaths.

Explore your deepest abdominal layer and discover some new, fun exercises to train them to function well to support the core.

The “tlc” given to your core in this workshop is the perfect balance for more challenging exercises of the Saturday workshop “Master the Mat’.

Prices and combo tickets:

Single workshop

€ 45,00 Non-members of Studio Annamora

€ 42,50 Studio members

€ 40,50 Unlimited members

Saturday & Sunday workshops combo-ticket 10% discount:

€ 81,00 Non-members of Studio Annamora

€ 76,50 Studio members

€ 73,00 Unlimited members