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Singing Bowl session

The vibrations produced by singing bowls don’t only touch just the ear, but touch all your senses. They give an energetic power and have an unfathomable positive effect on your entire body.

We invite you to experience a Singing Bowl-session with Vera Frèrejean including a deep meditation in the beautiful studio of Anna Mora.
Wear comfortable clothes and bring your favorite blanket.

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What is a Singing Bowl?

A Singing Bowl is a type of idiophone, which is a musical instrument that when struck, shaken or scraped, produces sound through vibration.

Singing bowls come in a single, inverted bell form, but in different sizes, ranging from a few centimetres to a meter in diameter. The smaller ones produce more delicate sounds, while the larger bowls produce deeper, full-bodied sounds.

To produce a sound, singing bowls are often struck on their rim or side using a mallet. Each method produces very distinctive sounds.

These bowls are often used in religious and spiritual settings, invoking meditation and relaxation. They can also be used in healing and for treating various illnesses through sound therapy. The sounds singing bowls produce create a kind of energy medicine that is said to fix the broken frequencies of the body, mind and soul. Playing these bowls creates a centering effect, which causes the left and right sides of the human brain to synchronize with one another.

Thus, various activities such as yoga and other forms of meditative practices sometimes employ singing bowls, as they have the miraculous ability to bring the listener to peace and calmness.

Klankschalen - Singing bowls
Klankschalen - Singing bowls
Klankschalen - Singing bowls